marți, 11 octombrie 2016

Spa Salons helps us to relax and rest

Have an active life, you are always stressed and lack of time? Certainly you never find time to go to relax and rest. That does not mean that all is lost. SPA salon always are the best solutions for those who never have an hour or two for relaxing.  

Classical Wellness Salons and SPA Centers make you forget the daily stress, relaxes, energizes you and good mood. Many people make the mistake of confusing salons SPA massage salons with beauty salons . You must know that in a SPA salon not practice therapeutic massage techniques, which is the area of ​​activity of therapists. SPA is more than that, and the most important aspects are the atmosphere, the environment, entourage, music, lights and care that we get throughout a session. We can say without being wrong, that the spa is a treat for the soul and mind.

Harmony is represented by music - we can talk without exaggeration about music therapy. And the play of light and shadow is part of the relaxed atmosphere that greets a SPA salon. Candles are the main source of light, a warm light, gentle and relaxing. And I smell their fragrance reminiscent of oriental and floral luxury ocean.

So if you want to transform your bathroom into a true spa, you should consider these aspects: relaxing music, dim light scented candles. And the list goes on. Buy bath salts, scented bath oil, body and face creams, exfoliating creams or cellulite. Choose among products whose ingredients can relate vanilla and chocolate, exotic fruits or honey. You can orient towards natural beauty products: honey, tomato or cucumber slices on which to apply them on the face and eyelids.

In a SPA will be served with different drinks and cocktails. So do not forget the glass of champagne or green tea or cocktails with exotic fruits without alcohol.

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